Ms. Manolo Dancing Shoes (kelly_ripa_fan4) wrote in club_ripa,
Ms. Manolo Dancing Shoes

Aww Kelly

Aww I feel so bad for Kelly.. look at this article. Too bad Joy is co-hosting with Regis tomorrow. I wanted to hear the story! Maybe Kelly will tell it after she gets back from vacation!

From the NY Daily News...
Kelly Ripa caused a little unexpected holiday festivity on Thursday night when she set her "Hope and Faith" dressing room alight.

The small blaze was caused by a candle left sitting on top of a TV set (and I hope you're teaching your kids better fire safety than that, Kellster!)

According to a setside source: "The candle completely melted, the heat broke the plate it was sitting on and all the wax, wick and fire poured into the television vents in the back. The entire thing went up in flames, causing quite a stir on set."

A rep for the multi-tasking TV star sadly put the kibosh on images of screaming women, babies being thrown out dressing-room windows and a "Towering Inferno" remake starring Mark Consuelos in the Steve McQueen role of Fire Chief Michael O'Hallorhan.

He said: "Actually, only the top of the TV was burned. But Kelly has always been said to burn the candle at both ends, so … "
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